Legal Constultation Attorneys and Law firms in Belize

Law firm Practice Areas Location
Glenn D. Godfrey & Co. LLP. Banking Law, Commercial and Corporate Law, Civil Litigation, Intellectua Property Law, Real Estate Law, Tax Planning, Enviromental Law, Asset Protection Trust, Foreign Investment, Telecommunications, Petroleum Law Belize City
Fred Lumor & Co. Commercial Law, Real Estate Law, Insurance & Banking Law, Admiralty Law, Family Law, Probate & Admin. of Estates, Debt Collection, Public Law, Offshore Company Law, Trust & Asset Protection, Tax and Estate Planning, Intellectual Property Law, Trade Marks & Patents, Mortage Registration, Timeshare and Escrow, Escrow Services Belize City
Arguelles & Company LLC. Real Estate, Intellectual Property, Corporate, Offshore & Commercial, Ancillary Services Belize City
Sabco Law Legal Practice, Registration Services, Commercial Real Estate, Real Estate, Foreign Investment Belize City
Barrow & Co. General Practice, Criminal Law, Banking, Insurance, Commercial Coporate, Family Law, Taxation, Patents, Civil Litigation, Offshore Companies and Trusts, Real Estate, Debt Collections, Adnmirality and Ship Registration Belize City
M.H. Chebat & Co. Commercial, Corporate, Offshore Belize City
Stuart Law Group Asset Protection, Contracts, Civil Litigation, Company Law, Conveyance and Land Registration, Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Debt Collection, Estate Administration, Family Law, Mediation, Mortgages, Personal Injury, Probate, Real Estate, Trademark and Patent Registration Belize City
Barrow & Williams Administrative & Public Law, Admiralty, Arbitration, Banking & Insurance, Commercial, Compliance & Regulatory Law, Corporate, Family, General Practice, Immigration, Insolvency, Intellectual Property, Litigation, Offshore Financial Services, Probate & Succession, Real Estate, Shipping, Trade Mark & Patents, Trust Belize City
W.H. Courtenay General Practice, Banking and Insurance, Foreign Investments, Commercial, Corporate, Family Law, Probate, Taxation, Trademark & Patents, Civil Litigation, Offshore Companies & Trust, Real Estate, Debt Collection, Admiralty & Ship Registration Belize City
Courtenay Coye LLP Commercial and Corporate La, Real Estate Law, Civil Litigation, Intellectual Property Law, Tax Planning, Banking Law, Foreign Investment, Petroleum Law, Enviromental Law, Estate/Asset Protection Planning, Telecommunications, Family Belize City